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Open Position:Hardware Engineer >>Applying
Responsible for the development and maintenance of the hardware circuit of the single chip computer or ARM system
1. Product circuit design, device selection, PCB design;
2. Hardware debugging ,maintenance of the product hardware.
3. Maintenance of the hardware platform.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic related major;
2, Proficient in PROTEL DXP, with good 8051 MCU or ARM hardware development;
3. Skilled KEIL C software development, through KEIL C for MCU or ARM programming;
4. Three years of hardware circuit related work experience, and experience in product manufacturability, testability and reliability design is preferred.
5, Spirit of professionalism and cooperation, good coordination and communication skills, fluent in English reading and writing.
Open Position: DSP Software Development Engineer >>Applying
Responsible for the embedded software development of digital video and image processing based on TI Da Vinci (or Hi3518) DSP, including overall design, detailed design, and team development.
1. Responsible for the completion of algorithm software migration based on project requirements, including software architecture, coding, testing, connection and maintenance
2. Writing related design documents
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree in electronics, computer, automation related major and master's degree.
2. Familiar with Linux's C/C++ language development; familiar with V4L2 drive development;
3. Good foundation of mathematics and familiar with the design of digital image processing algorithm.
4. Deep understanding of the video intelligence processing, computer vision, and the actual project development experience.
5, Spirit of professionalism and cooperation, good coordination and communication skills, fluent in English reading and writing.
Open Position:Mechanical Design Engineer >>Applying
1. Design of mechanical structure and mechanical components and the selection of materials.
2. The construction of the product process platform, the formulation and implementation of the assembly process, the BOM document and the inspection standard.
3. Trial process tracking, technological process improvement.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical, precision instrument, optical instrument related major;
2. Skilled use of PRO/E, AUTOCAD and other tools software;
3. Three years of precision machinery design related work experience, familiar with product development process;
4. Spirit of professionalism and cooperation, good coordination and communication ability
Open Position:Purchasing Engineer >>Applying
1. Responsible for the development and management of suppliers and the establishment of supplier list.
2. According to the sales forecast, the production plan and purchase plan are formulated to ensure the balance of production and supply and marketing.
3. Order management, delivery date tracking, supplier delivery management, supplier supply capability analysis, inventory management, procurement abnormal treatment and so on.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree, more than three years of foreign manufacturing enterprise procurement or PMC work experience;
2. 25~32 years old;
3. Excellent communication skills including oral and written expression and communication negotiation skills, can withstand a certain amount of work pressure.
4. Spirit of teamwork and organization and coordination, good faith, a sense of responsibility; pay attention to details
Open Position:Quality test (IQCOQC) >>Applying
1. The warehouse inspection of the materials purchased by the company and the inspection report are issued, and the corresponding measures are put forward for the unqualified materials.
2. Responsible for the quality inspection of the goods shipping in accordance with the inspection standards and standards.
3. Quality report making, quality data can be counted and analyzed.
Job requirements:
1, secondary school / high school degree or above;
2. 20-28 years old.
3. Basic understanding of the inspection, more than two years working experience, and the experience of the electronic industry is preferred.
4. Careful and meticulous work spirit, good at communication and cooperation, strong sense of responsibility;
5. Have a strong dedication to work, can adapt to travel in the province (with subsidies).
Open Position:Senior Overseas sales manager >>Applying
1.Seeking new markets through various information, developing new customers and expanding business volume.
2.Communicate with foreign customers, complete customer enquiry, product introduction and other sales work;
3. Responsible for the exhibition of international exhibitions;
4. Maintain and enhance the existing customer relationship.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, experienced in export sales related work;
2. More than 4 years experiences in overseas sales with related products, familiar with and can operate the whole foreign trade process independently.
3. Fluent in English, a certain writing ability, and proficient in communicating with foreign customers.
4. Strong business negotiation ability.
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