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Principles and requirements of purchasing internal control
First, the overall strategy of Fiat-lux procurement : Value purchase, sunshine purchase
Two. Guidelines for Fiat-luxsupplier’s business behavior
1. Prohibit bribes
The supplier shall not give the Fiat-lux staff a gift of "gift, securities, non - low value cultural supplies, and other valuables" in any form.
The supplier may not organize Fiat-lux staff to participate in the following activities, including but not limited to tourism, high consumption entertainment, tourism scenic area and other activities.
The suppliers are not allowed to arrange work for their relatives, friends and other staff of Fiat-lux, or to provide convenience to pay for all the expenses that should be paid by the staff of Fiat-lux.
Bribery or disguised bribery of buyers by agents.

2. The active declaration of the related suppliers
In the following cases, Fiat-lux’s supplier is considered to be an associated supplier:
(a) The employee of the company is the direct investor of the supplier, or a concurrent post.
(b) The main relatives of the employee on Fiat-lux are direct investors or employee of the supplier..
(c) The ex-employee of Fiat-lux serves as the direct investor of the supplier, or employee of the supplier.
The main kinship refers to:
(1) spouses and children;(2) parents, brothers and sisters of both husband and wife;(3) the spouses of the above personnel.
3. Prohibition of subcontract
The supplier shall not subcontract the contracted project to other suppliers, or to subcontract or subcontract Fiat-lux orders without the written permission.
If the supplier secretly conducts the above behavior or has the above behavior, it is concealed and is not reported. It is verified by Fiat-lux, will be punished according to the circumstances.

4. To eliminate commercial fraud
The supplier shall not provide the material that is not in accordance with the material technical specification for Fiat-lux without prior notification.
The supplier shall not promote material that does not conform to the development trend of the industry or inconform to the road map without prior notification.
The documents, data, statements and oral statements provided by the supplier to Fiat-lux shall be true and accurate.
The supplier shall strictly abide by the commitments provided to Fiat-lux, the contract, the agreement and the memorandum signed by both parties, on time with quality and agreed quantity.
Supply: Reasonable quotation, no fraud, no shoddy.

It is strictly prohibited to enter the field without signing a purchase contract or having no legal PO.
If any employee of Fiat-lux gives the supplier no PO entry requirements, the supplier should feedback to Fiat-lux.

Three, High voltage line of internal control of procurement
1. Collusion between employees or suppliers is deliberate for undue interests;
2. The deliberate forgery of documents in the procurement activities and the false influence of reasonable decision making;
3, Accepting bribes from suppliers, accepting improper gifts from suppliers and accepting improper reception from suppliers;
4, Leakage of the company’s business confidential or unauthorized disclosure of confidential information;
5. Not voluntarily declaring related suppliers, investment or related suppliers.

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